First Polymeric Collector Concepts Showcased – Newsletter no.4 online, December 2013

Read about the innovative all-polymeric thermosiphon system presented at the Task39 Exhibition and about the latest News, Events and Workshops here.

SCOOP design showcased at Task 39 Exhibition, September 2013

SCOOP showcased its first fully polymeric thermosiphon at the Task 39 Exhibition in Freiburg, Germany. The innovative low cost design for sunny regions is based on extruded PP twin-wall sheets and has a storage capacity of 65 l. More information here.

Project Meeting No. 4, Blumau, Austria, October 2013

SCOOP's mid-term meeting takes place in Blumau, Austria on 14-16 October 2013.

Meet & Greet at the Task 39 Exhibition, September 2013

SCOOP invites you to have a look at pioneering polymeric solar thermal systems at the Task 39 Exhibition in Freiburg, Germany. The exhibition runs throughout the time of the SHC 2013 conference from 23 to 25 September. Learn more about SCOOP and meet us at the Task 39 Exhibition in front of the "Konzerthaus" Freiburg.

The next steps towards all-polymeric collectors – Newsletter no.3 online, July 2013

Read up on innovative collector designs and suitable plastic manufacturing processes.

23. OTTI Symposium, Germany, April 2013

Thumbs up for SCOOP! OTTI's solar experts see cost-efficiency as one of the key requirements for future develompents in solar thermal. Read more...

RHC 2013, Dublin, Ireland, April 2013

The project is presented at the 4th European Conference on Renewable Heating and Cooling on 22+23 April 2013.

Project Meeting No. 3, Rapperswil, Switzerland, May 2013

On 2+3 May 2013, HSR-SPF hosts the 3rd project meeting in Rapperswil.